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3 Ideas To Make Kitchen Blinds Last For Longer

The kitchen is a room you probably spend a lot of time in. From preparing meals to feeding hungry kids, there's constant foot traffic during the day or night. But kitchens are hot areas with all the cooking that goes on, so you need to make sure you choose the right kinds of blinds that will last for longer without being too susceptible to damage. Here's how you can do that:

Be Wary Of The Material You Choose 

When you choose blinds for kitchens, you need to consider several factors. How much do you cook? How close are the blinds to the stovetop? How close are the blinds to the fridge? Are the blinds just for windows or sliding doors that flow to an alfresco area from your kitchen? All these factors will determine your material choice. For example, if your blinds come into close contact with food because they are closer to stovetops or fridges, then you will need to choose materials that can withstand moisture and won't easily stain. Wood generally doesn't hold well against high temperatures and may warp. Similarly, cloth materials may stain easily and will be difficult to clean. But faux wood or PVC blinds will remain stronger since they don't warp and are easier to wipe down in case of stains. 

Choose A Style That Is Easy To Clean 

Keep in mind that kitchen blinds need to be cleaned more often than any other window treatments in your home, so make sure you choose an easy-to-clean style that makes your life easier. For example, roller blinds look lovely because of their minimalistic appearance, but make sure you choose non-fabric and flame-retardant materials. Vertical and Venetian blinds can also work well, provided you choose thicker slats to make your cleaning schedule easier since wider surfaces are more seamless to clean. 

Keep Blinds As Far From Heat As Possible 

While you may not have a choice if your kitchen has already been designed, you may have the flexibility to move a detachable stovetop further away from the blinds. The less heat that blinds are exposed to, the longer they will last. When cooking, open up your blinds so they are not exposed too much to the heat and smells of your food. Try to open up the windows too so that the heat can be directed outdoors. 

Kitchen blinds can be tricky only because of the nature of the room. Spend some time to consider what works best for your home. 

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