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Why Add Outdoor Blinds to Your Pergola?

While you're pleased with your new pergola, you have a nagging feeling that it's not quite right yet. You enjoy sitting out in it on your own or with family and friends, but you feel that the experience is missing something. Why not add outdoor blinds to the pergola? Blinds could be the finishing touch you need. What are the benefits?

Weather Protection

Pergolas are perfect for warm weather days and evenings. You get all the benefits of being outside with some cover.

However, if you've opted for a completely open pergola, then this can reduce your open-air enjoyment. If it is really sunny, you may boil when you sit in it. If it is windy, you'll get chilly, and debris may blow about. If it rains, then you'll feel cold and get a little wet. Instead of enjoying being outdoors, you may end up heading back into your home if the weather isn't just right.

However, if you fit outdoor blinds to the structure, you can stay outside for longer. You can use blinds to control the sun coming into areas of the pergola. When you need shade, you have it. Blinds also act as a windbreaker and give you some cover from light rain showers.

Privacy Protection

You won't necessarily feel completely comfortable using your pergola if you feel exposed to the outside world while sitting in it. For example, it's hard to relax and enjoy dinner with friends if people walking by your garden can see into one side of the pergola. If your neighbours can see into your garden from their homes or gardens, then you may feel like you're living in a goldfish bowl when you use the pergola. Neighbours may chat with you when you just want some peace and quiet; some may watch your activities like you're a TV show.

If you fit blinds to some or all of the sides of your pergola, you get better privacy. If you want to kick back and relax in a skimpy bikini, you can shut some of the blinds to stop your neighbours from staring at you. If you're feeling more social, you can leave the blinds open.

If you think that outdoor blinds will enhance your pergola, contact local blinds suppliers. They can talk you through the types and designs of blinds you can use on the structure. They will also be able to fit you with the best blinds for your structure.

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