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4 Reasons to Choose Roman Blinds Over Vertical Blinds

People looking for new blinds often come down to Roman versus vertical. The difference is easy enough to understand. Roman blinds are made of a single piece of fabric that fold together as you pull it up. Vertical blinds are made of several long slats that can be adjusted to let light in and out.

Both options come with their own pros and cons, but here are just four reasons you should choose Roman blinds over vertical ones.

1. Less Dirt

Vertical blinds are certainly a lot easier to keep clean than horizontal blinds since the slats don't collect dust and dirt as easily. However, they still tend to get dirty in a hurry since the bottom of each slat will always be quite close to the floor or windowsill. In fact, they'll usually brush against it. Unless you keep your floor and windowsills perfectly clean all the time, any dust and dirt that gets on them will be transferred to the bottom of your blinds. Over time, the bottom of each slat will get a little dirty and worn. With Roman blinds, that won't be a problem.

2. Less Noise

One of the major problems people experience with vertical blinds is unwanted noise. When wind hits them, all the slats move against each other and create a clattering sound – in many ways, they act just like wind chimes, and this will be more of a problem if you choose a harder material like wood or vinyl for the slats. Roman blinds can't bash around since they are made from one single piece of fabric.

3. Longer Life

Roman blinds operate very simply and usually last for years without needing any attention. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of vertical blinds. The regular swinging motion they create can wear connection points, and vertical blinds can get blown or knocked together and become tangled. With Roman blinds, those issues aren't anything you'll have to deal with.

4. Superior Style

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; be that as it may, most people prefer the appearance of Roman blinds. Vertical blinds are often used in office buildings due to their low cost and neutral style. In contrast, Roman blinds tend to be preferred in residential buildings for their wider range of style options and homier appearance. Additionally, Roman blinds continue to frame the window when pulled up, while vertical blinds leave windows looking a little bare.

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