How To Make Your Bay Window Look Good When Decorating

24 October 2018
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Bay windows are an incredibly attractive feature of many older style properties is in Australia. However, unlike conventional windows, their outward curve means that they are harder to dress as attractively or as cost-effectively. Even box windows, which also extend outwards from the façade of the property, have right angles which make using conventional window treatments easier. If you want to make your bay window the attractive interior design feature that it should be when you are updating your home's look, then read on to discover some of the best window treatments around for this sort of glazing.

Halfway Net Curtains

A popular way of providing privacy with a floor-to-ceiling bay window is to run a wire across the entire length of it, tacked into place into the frame. From here, it is possible to hang a net curtain which does not necessarily need to extend all the way to the top of the window. In fact, a traditional look is often achieved by hanging a net curtain from the halfway point. This way, the window treatment still allows plenty of light to come into your home at the top while preventing prying eyes from looking into your home from outside.

Flexible Curtain Rails

Tabbed curtains which are suspended from a curtain pole might look good, but this is often not a practical option for bay windows. This is because you need to find a curved pole which exactly matches the particular curvature of your window's shape. As such, pleated curtains attached to a flexible curtain rail is the better route to go down. Curtain rails may not be the most fashionable window treatment to fit these days, but if you choose the right pair of curtains to hang from them, then they will look perfectly good with any sort of interior design style you want to achieve.

Bespoke Blinds

You may have ruled out installing blinds to a bay window which has a curve, but you should not be put off simply because standard blinds will always look a little awkward against a semi-circular window. Custom-made blinds are perfect for this sort of window treatment because they can be made to measure and will reflect the particular personality of your home's bay. 

Not only does this mean that the full height of a bay window will be accounted for by the treatment, but it also allows for the particular curve you have to be catered for. Bespoke blinds come in various fabrics which mean that your room's colour scheme can be matched exactly, too.