Make Your First Home Look More Grown-Up By Hanging Some Framed Pictures

21 October 2018
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Getting your own place for the first time is an important milestone on the journey into adulthood, whether it's when you finish university or make the move from your parents' house when you get your first job. Although it's definitely something that will make you feel a lot more like a grown-up, many people's first homes can still feel a little immature.

Part of the problem is having the money to decorate the place in a more mature way, but a bigger factor is how difficult it is to let go of old habits. There are limitless ways to make your new home feel a bit more mature, but a simple thing to do is display something on the walls. Just make sure you do it the right way.

The importance of framing

Nothing makes somewhere look like a teenager's bedroom like tattered posters adorning the walls. If you want to be taken seriously as an adult and make the right impression when you have guests, it's essential to frame anything you display. Whatever you choose to decorate your bare walls with, a frame will not only give it a classier appearance; it will also keep it safe from harm and make sure it stays neat.

What to frame

While unframed posters may give the impression you're a student or adolescent, putting them in frames can transform them completely. The key is to choose your posters carefully, avoiding pictures of people chosen only for their attractiveness or anything with childish humour. Instead, go for prints of album covers or stylish photos of people you admire.

If you can afford original pieces of art, this will get you serious grown-up points. If not, prints are almost as good, and a smart frame really brings them alive. Finally, some pictures of your family will always give a more mature impression.

Choosing the right kind of frame

Instead of getting cheap plastic frames from the shops, get something custom-made. This can be surprisingly affordable, and it gives you a much better choice of colours and materials, not to mention giving a greater impression of maturity. You'll also notice the difference in quality, which immediately boosts the look of whatever it is you're getting framed.

The style you choose depends on your personal tastes, with wood going best with more traditional, warm interior design, and plastic or metal suiting modern rooms. Try to bear in mind your future interior plans when you're choosing your frames, and you'll be able to pick something that will work as you continue to improve your new home. For more information and tips, contact your local framing services.