5 Reasons Why Aluminium Shutters May Be The Ideal Window Dressing Option For Your Home

16 October 2018
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Window dressings are one of the essential features of a home. As well as serving the practical purpose of providing light control, window insulation and privacy, they also play a big role in defining the overall aesthetic of a room. There is a wide variety of different window coverings to choose from, and an increasingly popular option is aluminium shutters. Here are five reasons why they might be the ideal new window dressing choice for your home.  

1. They look fantastic

Aluminium shutters provide your home with a timeless but contemporary style. Their simple yet attractive design has a streamlined, unobtrusive look while still adding charm and character to a room. They are also the chameleon of the interior design world, working equally well in any interior from super contemporary through to rustic and traditional spaces.

2. They provide great flexibility

As a window dressing, aluminium shutters are the ultimate choice if you want flexibility in how you use them. They give you complete control over the level of privacy, airflow and light you require at different times of the day and night. As well as being able to completely open and close the shutters, you can tilt the louvres to maximise airflow and light while maintaining your privacy.

3. They're strong and durable

Aluminium shutters have a very long lifespan and won't crack, warp, peel or fade like many other window dressing types. The coated aluminium surface is impervious to damage caused by prolonged UV exposure and exposure to moisture. This makes them an excellent choice for use in rooms such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

4. They're low maintenance

Another reason that aluminium shutters are so popular because they're so easy to maintain. Unlike other window dressing varieties, they don't need to be resurfaced or cleaned using specialised products or techniques. A simple wipe over with a clean, moist cloth is all that's needed to keep them dust free and in great condition.

5. They have broad appeal

If you plan to sell your home at any point in the future, then it's important to keep your potential future buyers in mind when making any improvements. Aluminium shutters are a wise investment because they have broad appeal across a variety of buyer demographics. This isn't true of all window dressings, particularly decorative curtains and blinds which may not suit the style and furnishings of a future buyer.