Adding Security to Your Home Without Compromising on Your Décor

12 October 2018
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There is no getting away from it. Some domestic security measures just look plain ugly. CCTV cameras may do an excellent job of deterring would-be intruders, for example, but they make your home look like a detention centre. Equally, iron bars over your windows may prevent unwarranted access very well, but they are hardly the right thing to install if you take interior design seriously. Fortunately, there are some security products around that won't mess up your home's style. Read on to discover more about some of the best ones.

Security Window Screens

With some ornate designs, modern security window screens sit on the inside of your windows to create a physical barrier between the exterior and the interior. Not only do they mean that you can open your windows to aerate your home without having to worry about criminals reaching inside, but they also offer a stylish look in their own right. Contemporary designs have some intricate latticework which offer an attractive appearance but which are still robust enough to prevent entry. They can be made in any colour you like as well, making them fit in with your existing décor perfectly.

Multi-Point Locks

You probably have locks on all of your windows and doors already. This is a good thing but did you know that you can augment your security by fitting multi-point locking mechanisms to them? These make it much harder for burglars to prise open a window from its frame or to take a door off its hinges, for example. What's even better is the fact that multi-point locks are recessed within your window frames or your external doors so you cannot even see them. This simple security measure is almost invisible but highly effective.

Exterior Shutters

Being able to close off your windows completely from the outside is a good step to take to obtain additional security. It has the added benefit of helping to keep your home cool, too. External shutters add a great deal to older properties because they look like they are in keeping with the rest of the design. More modern homes need contemporary shutters, such as those finished in aluminium, but they do an equally good job of providing an extra safeguard while looking good. Most can be shut from the inside of your home, so you don't need to venture out to close them. A simple clasp draws them together to make an impenetrable barrier to your home.