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Make the Most Out of Your Limited Space With a Built-in Wardrobe

There are not many ways to make a wardrobe look aesthetically pleasing. A wardrobe, in general, is a piece of furniture designed for functionality rather than looks, and they can also take up a lot of space. A solution to both of these issues might be to look into the option of getting a built-in wardrobe.

When a walk-in isn't an option

A built-in wardrobe, or fitted wardrobe, is essentially a wardrobe in the wall, looking like another room entirely. As the name suggests, this type of wardrobe is fitted to suit your bedroom perfectly; it's practically a part of your wall. Not everybody is lucky enough to achieve a woman's dream of a walk-in closet bigger than the bedroom itself, but a built-in wardrobe can certainly help to make it feel like that's what it is. It serves the same purpose of getting all of your clothes and other accessories out of sight, without taking up any space.

You're in charge

The aesthetic of a built-in closet is one of its biggest advantages. Since it's meant to fit your bedroom, it's easy to customise to get you exactly what you want. Fitting it into a corner of your bedroom, where nothing but dust and the occasional pile of clothes had been before, can really make a room look so much more appealing. Furthermore, since you are the one in charge of its look, you can decide exactly what kind of doors you want, as opposed to stand-alone units which rarely fit perfectly in your space, and can sometimes have things about them you don't like, but you can't change them since they are already constructed.

How to obtain one

Even though it might look rather luxurious, built-in wardrobes are not very hard to obtain. There are plenty of DIY-tutorials online on how to build one on your own; the only thing you need is an appropriate space to build it in your home. If you don't feel skilled enough for the task of building one on your own, there are still many options. A bedroom specialist designing your room for you is one option, or you could hire a handyman only to install the doors for the wardrobe. There is even an option of getting a stand-alone wardrobe that looks like it's a part of the wall by covering the wall from floor to ceiling. It all depends on how much money you want to spend and how much work you think you can manage to do on your own.

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